Custom Design Reinvented Just for You

iTouchDiamonds has state-of-the-art, cutting-edge technology that allows you to create cost effective custom settings in the fastest time possible. We understand that sometimes you want a piece of jewelry that fits your personality. Our team is ready to help you create that unique, special piece. Anything from engagement rings to individual pieces of diamond jewelry, our designers will help your dream become a reality. See our short video below.


Certified Diamonds

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Created in Front of You

Custom Settings can become quite confusing and intricate.  iTouchDiamonds makes creating a Custom Setting easy, affordable, and timely.  We can complete custom settings within 8 Business Days.  Should you decide to start with a less complicated design, we can possibly get it done faster.  We will render Your Design in Real Time right in front of you.  You become the designer. 

From fully collaborated Jewelry Design Services to our unique DIY Custom Settings, we provide you with the most extensive and convenient custom settings imaginable.  We can sketch, create, and render any setting you desire. 

One of our most Unique Custom Services we offer is our fully interactive touch screen software.  Using this newly constructed software, You can be the Designer.  Spend as much time as you like while we guide you through a more personal design experience.  You can start with a blank slate or pick from plethora of settings to start with and simply manipulate their features to fit your personality.  Solitaires, Halos, Cathedral Styles, and more await your choosing.  With CAD/ CAM software made to use in a friendlier manner, use slider bars and design functionality that anyone can work with.   

Stop looking and come to iTouchDiamonds.  We believe in courteously educating our customer.  Having an understanding of how the jewelry market is, you too can become an expert after visiting us.  As soon as you walk in you will be greeted by our friendly and professional staff.  We will break down stuffy talk about stones and give you the facts.   

Start with a Physical Showcase or a Digital Showcase.  You can import it all at the touch of a button.  Create by Yourself or as a Team.  Couples can enjoy creating together.  Marriage is a Team Effort.  An Engagement Ring and Wedding Bands represent your commitment to Love each other Unconditionally.  Make it Memorable with us.  You will not only have Our Commitment to an incredible start, but you will also have our Best Price Guarantee. 


Create a unique and personal design
to express your personal style
by working with our design team
guide you through the process.


After design ideas have been captured,
the design is created with a 3D
computer aided design to provide
a visual preview of your piece.


Our master craftsmen sculpt and
set your unique design by hand,
utilizing the highest standards
to create your unique vision.

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