About iTouchDiamonds

Our staff is highly trained and highly professional. Not only will we make buying a diamond personal and friendly, but we consist of Jewelers and Gemologist certified and accredited by GIA (Gemological Institue of America.) We operate according to GIA Standard Procedure and look forward to earning your trust. Your diamond buying experience should be friendly, fun, and full of your own self-awareness. At Discount Pricing, we want to be a special part of your moment by giving you the diamond your meant to cherish forever. Our founders went on a mission to solve the online diamond purchasing dilemma by creating innovative and transparent buying experiences for the best price. We also have state-of-art CAD/ CAM technology that allows you to be part of making your very own custom setting. We can do it all right in front of you. No hassle, free quotes, and a guarantee that you came to the right place. At iTouchDiamonds, it’s all about creating beautiful, timeless jewelry that will encourage a sense of individuality and embrace self-expression with value, quality, and a best price guarantee.

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